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This page is about the Biblical Genesis.  If you hoped for something to do with the rock group Genesis, go to the "Special pics" page.

God and Adam in the Garden of Eden

Like most educated Christians, Andrew believes some versions of the theory of evolution are compatible with the intended meaning of Genesis.  The first two pictures (left and below) are a none-too-serious look at Adam.

Garden Of Eden

The next two pictures are about Noah and the Genesis flood (which might not have been universal).  There are no unicorns in the Bible - except in a 1611 translation that has long been unfit for purpose.

Below Decks On Noah's Ark Noah And The Unicorns

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamgoat

The pictures left and below are about Joseph, the annoying younger brother who progressed from slavery & jail to becoming an intimidating Governor.

Joseph's "Technicolor Dreamcoat” might have been ornamented or long-sleeved; it had nothing to do with his dreams (which included the Sun, Moon & stars paying him homage).  He didn’t start interpreting dreams until long after the famous coat had been presented as a bloodstained exhibit to his distraught father.

Fall And Rise Of Joseph

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