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Andrew Ruffhead was born in 1950.  He studied mathematics
at Warwick, Essex and Oxford, picking up three Masters
Degrees.      For 25 years he worked as a scientist in the
Ministry  of  Defence,  also  acquiring  a  reputation  as  a
cartoonist.   He took early retirement in 2005, but in 2014
resumed personal research into approximation methods.
In 2017, he enrolled as a Doctoral Researcher at the
University of East London.
Andrew Ruffhead in January 2015
He is active in his union Prospect (its Retired Members Group), in the charity Age UK (as a volunteer), and in Whitton Baptist Church (where he is a lay preacher).
Andrew has a virtual studio, 21st Century Stoat.  In addition to his main hobby of drawing cartoons, he makes simple computer animations.  Critics don’t call him a serious artist for nothing.  They only do so when he bribes them! 
A wide selection of the sort of pictures Andrew draws can be viewed on pages of this website (from "Site info" to "Special pics").  There is also an "Animations" page.  The links are displayed in the Site Menu shown left.


Here are some of the characters that can be found on the pages of this site.

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