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After several years of dabbling with PowerPoint animations,
21st Century Stoat has moved on to GIF animations for
Web pages.  Off we go... with a drive down the highway.

Driving Down Highway

Meet Santa Claws, King David (Juan's in Royal David's settee), Leon Trotsky (Ding-dong, merry Leon high) and Hilda Gherkin (visiting the house built by a committee).

Animations Of Santa Claws, King David, Leon Trotsky, Etc

Fake Notice
Watch birds flying south.

Birds Flying South

Recall the 2010 Wimbledon first-round match which lasted a record 183 games.  John Isner won it, but was in no fit state to survive the next round.  After Isner lost a 99-game semi-final in 2018, it was decided to have final-set tie-breaks at 12-12 in future Wimbledon tournaments.

Isner Vs Mahut

Easter Story

Here is part of the Easter Story.

It is based on Luke 24 verses 13 to 49 (with bits flown in from John 3 and Luke 4).

Animated Christmas Card

Here is an animated Christmas card.

There are only 30 frames, but there are six things going on.

Prog Rock fans may spot a Pink Floyd connection.

Feel free to download the card and send it to a friend.

Animated Christmas Card

Here is another animated Christmas card.

This one has only 37 frames, but gives the illusion of a never-ending flow of swans, geese, ducks, drakes, ducklings, coots & moorhens.

Feel free to download the card and send it to a friend.

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